About Code Nomads

We are world class software developers

Code Nomads is a leading IT consultancy company with a unique group of world-class software developers. We are specialized in providing flexible and high-quality ICT services in the fields of Java software development and Software architecture. Founded in December 2017 and very proud of its 25+ highly skilled developers, originating from 12 different countries. Together, we aim to develop world-class software for our clients. Our office are based in Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands.

How do we build world-class software?

Therefore, Code Nomads provides its customers with experienced Java, Kotlin and full-stack developers as experts with a strong team in the background. We are strongly involved in the Java community and can contact talented software developers through our network, to solve even the most difficult challenges quickly and efficiently.

We work with the latest open-source technologies and have a track record of successful projects, which we are very proud of. With our commitment, focus and up-to-date knowledge we like to solve complex challenges and make our customers happy.

Software is key for companies to surf the digital wave, whilst digital is the new normal – adapt or be disrupted. Code Nomads helps organizations accelerate time to market. Software engineering is deep in our DNA.

We are experts

Thanks to our combination of craftsmanship, willingness to share and commitment, we bring added value to all our projects. We love what we do and we practice what we preach. We believe in a quality-first approach by building maintainable and testable systems using modern and innovative software. We believe that non-functional aspects like maintainability, security, performance and automation are just as important as building new features.

We focus on one thing only: software development. That’s why we are experts in what we do. We focus not only on building the right thing but also on building the thing right.

Learning and sharing

We believe that you need to love your work and work on the projects you love. We actively share our passion for and experience with software at our projects, conferences, training and meetups. We work on the most challenging and innovative projects of the Netherlands and we never stop learning, so there is more than plenty to share. Code Nomads developers are actively participating in meetup groups and Java User Groups, because we believe in lifelong learning. Check out our extensive list of training offerings, workshops, sessions and blog articles.

Work hard, play hard

That’s our motto! We love to hang out with the entire tribe to discuss the latest developments in the Java ecosystem or just simply laugh about all these crazy Dutch traditions and rituals. From hackathons on a sunny beach, going on a team holiday to Spain, skiing in the summertime, playing a game of “sjoelen” in our office or just having some drinks to catch up: we all do it! You can check out our events blog to read about our motto “work hard, play hard”.

In short

At Code Nomads we are crazy passionate about our work, we love to share our experiences and technical knowledge and all of this while having a fair amount of fun!


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