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Rodolfo Fortes

The first year of Rodolfo Fortes at Code Nomads

Meet Rodolfo Fortes. He moved from Brazil to The Netherlands in August 2021 to join the Code Nomads tribe. We asked him about his experiences after his first months.

How would you introduce yourself?

“I’m a curious person. I’m always trying to find out how stuff works, as well in computer programming or other things in everyday life. I’m always open to new ideas and experiences and, of course, I love technology.”

How did you get in touch with Code Nomads and how do you like the company?

“I always knew I wanted to work abroad, after working in the US (San Francisco) in the past. On my LinkedIn profile, I listed some countries that I liked. One of them was The Netherlands. A recruiter approached me and gave me info about Code Nomads. Ramon and the recruiter were very sincere about what I should expect from the company and the country. One thing that exceeded my expectations is how caring Ramon is about his developers. He is constantly asking if we are satisfied with our current project and planning activities to make sure we are having a good time here and keep a good work-life balance.”

How was the relocation for you and was Code Nomads able to help you out?

“The relocation was very good. The office manager Maike assisted me during the whole process. The hardest part was finding a place to rent, but I got the time that I needed to visit the apartments. Once I found a place, Code Nomads got in touch with the rental company which made things a lot easier.”

Do you like living in The Netherlands?

“Living in the Netherlands is awesome. There are some cultural differences, but when I left my home country of Brazil, I made a commitment with myself to be open-minded and embrace this new culture. And so far, things have been working fine. There’s so much to do here. One weekend I can enjoy art from artists like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. These are things that I could only see in history books before. On another weekend I could get a ride with a friend and visit Germany. The possibilities of living in The Netherlands are endless. The hardest part has been being away from family and friends. We often have video calls to keep in touch and there are some plans for them to visit me here.”

What was your job back in your home country?

“In Brazil I was already a Java Backend Developer.”

At which Code Nomads client do you currently work?

“I currently work at Booking.com as a Java Developer. Over there I am working with an orchestrator for the Booking Search Service. I work with DropWizard, RocksDB, Protobuffer, MySQL, Kafka and lots of proprietary technologies. Our goal is bringing the Scientific Method closer to the way features are developed.”

What is the biggest difference between The Netherlands and your home country?

“The weather. Brazil is a very sunny country. We have some rain there, but here it seems to be more frequent and usually with cold and very windy.”

What surprised you most about The Netherlands?

“The healthy lifestyle. People here seem to know how to enjoy life, they exercise a lot, so on sunny days the parks will be crowded, and everyone is cycling everywhere. I think this is how they keep fit besides the high consumption of sandwiches and French fries.”

What are your career goals for the next few years?

“My goal for the upcoming years is to consolidate my career in this new market that it is The Netherlands. This involves some steps that Code Nomads could assist me with, like learning Dutch. It is not strictly necessary, but I think that to better integrate here and find more opportunities, to learn the local language is an important step. At Code Nomads we have an annual budget to spend on education and I will be using it to learn Dutch. Also working on good projects at some reputed companies helps you to develop your career. And Code Nomads has a big pool of great clients that are very well known in The Netherlands and worldwide.”

Do you have advice for developers who are considering joining the Code Nomads tribe?

“Be open-minded. You will be working with people from all over the world. It’s a chance to develop not only your career but also culturally. There are not a lot of companies that could offer that, so grab this opportunity and enjoy the journey.”