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Building the corona travel app

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How Code Nomads delivered a pilot version of a corona travel app within 1 sprint

In 2020 the entire world was hit by the CoVid-19 virus that led to national lockdowns and travel limitations. On request of the Dutch government, Code Nomads was asked to develop a platform to advise and inform travelers about (inter)national corona regulations. Within this privacy-safe platform, users can check corona restrictions and regulations for their travel destination, find information to prepare for international traveling and receive a timeline for quarantine periods.

The implementations in 2 weeks time

The task of the Code Nomads team was to build a pilot version of the corona travel advice app within a 2-week sprint. In this timeframe, we delivered a pilot-ready static application that works together with the existing infrastructure and architecture of the ministry. The second part of this assignment was to design and develop a solid architecture for this application with proper CI/CD pipelines and a CMS that supports flexibility, scalability and multilingualism. Since the application potentially contains privacy-sensitive information from travelers that use the application, proper security measures and data protection was a key requirement as well.

During the first day of the project, our team sat down with the team of designers, infrastructure support and communication experts from the ministry.

For this project, we configured Continuous Integration pipelines for a Next.js static site. The website ran behind a nginx server in a Docker image and was deployed to harbor. Furthermore, we implemented pipelines for deploying the site to a Kubernetes cluster (hosted by the government) in test and acceptance.

In the application, users can request a personalized quarantine timeline. For this personalized timeline, Code Nomads implemented business rules for providing dynamic travel advice, based on the country of origin and the total travel period. Finally, we added responsive style rules across all pages of the application, did a design refinement and completed functional testing.

The results after delivery

Within 2 weeks Code Nomads delivered a fully functional pilot version to the client, which was scalable and deployed to production. On the first attempt, it passed all tests, including a PEN test.

Code Nomads was honored to contribute towards the development of this critical application in the corona pandemic. With our technical skills and architectural overview, we were able to provide the Dutch society with an application that contributed toward the containment of the pandemic.

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