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Senior Software Engineer / Architect

Alexandere Leite Costa

Top skills

  • Java
  • Microservices architecture
  • Test Automation
  • Asynchronous and parallel design

50Meet Alexandre Leite Costa (1983). He is one of the many Brazilians who found his way to the Code Nomads tribe. A talented Java Developer with a passion for Microservices architecture and test automation. He describes himself as a very good planner with a long term view, but -like most men- he is not very good at doing two things at the same time. “I can probably plan a big complicated heist or bank robbery, but would not be able to take care of a turtle at the same time. It would have time to flee.” Fortunately, Alexandre lives in Den Haag with his wife Carolina, who takes care of their two children (Leila and Ivan) when Alexandre’s mind is occupied.

Fun fact

“I really, really, really love fantasy stories. I have way more fun than my children when it is time for their bedtime stories.”