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Training the next generation of software developers at Createment

Our Java Fullstack Training includes:

Client case: Hosting a Comprehensive Java Training Program for Createment

The Challenge

As the demand for skilled software developers in the Netherlands continues to grow, it’s crucial for companies to have access to a steady stream of talented and well-trained professionals. This case will look closely at the partnership between Code Nomads and Createment and the comprehensive Java training program they’ve developed for the next generation of software developers in the Netherlands.

The client: Createment

The company Createment educates the next generation of software developers in the Netherlands, by offering a 14-month traineeship. During that time period, the students receive 2 months of full-time training in Java full-stack software development. This training is hosted by the technical experts of Code Nomads, who also created their own unique course material, exercises and assignments to teach the students the basics of Java full-stack software development.

Code Nomads has an extensive list of training offerings for all levels and expertise. Code Nomads has been hosting this specific trainee program for Createment since January 2022. During that time, 10 groups of in total 70 students finished their Java full-stack program during that time. 

Building practical working experience

One of the training program’s key strengths is the hands-on approach, providing trainees with practical experience, while working with real-world examples. This approach helps students to understand the concepts better and helps them to be ready for the fast-paced world of software development.

“Our partnership with Code Nomads has been incredibly valuable for our trainees”

Jos Frederiks, Director of Createment

Their trainers are top-notch, and the practical lessons learned during the training have been invaluable for our students as they start their careers as junior developers.

“The training provided by Code Nomads was challenging, but also very rewarding and fun”

Trainee & Junior Developer of Createment 

The hands-on approach and real-world examples made the learning experience engaging, and it helped me to understand the concepts of software development way better.


The training program curriculum covers a wide range of technologies, including 

  • Java: The core programming language that is widely used for developing enterprise-level applications.
  • SQL: A standard programming language for managing and manipulating relational databases.
  • Spring Framework: a popular Java framework for building web applications.
  • JPA: A Java specification for accessing, persisting, and managing data between Java objects/classes and a relational database.
  • Angular: A popular JavaScript framework for building dynamic and interactive web applications.
  • Scrum: A widely used Agile framework for managing and completing complex projects.

“We are confident that the skills and knowledge gained during the program will prepare the trainees of Createment for the software development industry and set them on a path to success.”

Ramon Wieleman, Founder & Director of Code Nomads

We are proud to partner with Createment to provide a comprehensive Java training program that will help the next generation of software developers in the Netherlands to succeed in their careers. 

People in the team

Founder & Director

Ramon Wieleman

Senior Software Developer

Artem Makarov

Fullstack Software Developer

Soroosh Khodami

Senior Software Engineer

Ferdia Ó Corragáin