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Founder & Director

Ramon Wieleman

Top skills

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business development
  • Leadership

Meet Ramon Wieleman (1985). Founder and Director of Code Nomads. The only Dutch guy in the tribe. Not your average boss or manager. He only wants the best for his people and is all about fun. Never forgets a birthday and initiates as many (beer-drinking) activities as possible. Loves to bring people together at various developer communities he’s participating in, like AmsterdamJUG and Teqnation. Prefers snow over the sun and is famous for his very bad dad-jokes. Lives in a small town near Haarlem with his wife Anne and daughter Emma.

Fun fact

“Even though my attention span is no longer dan 10 seconds, I have the memory of a mammoth. I remember the most stupid trivia, this helps me to win every pub quiz.”


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