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The next chapter of our story

Three years after the founding of Code Nomads we have a new story to tell. From an entrepreneurial dream with core values and buzzwords, it's time to show the world what Code Nomads really is. And it's all about the great developers working at Code Nomads. So we put our people in the spotlights of our entire branding. With the release of a brand new website on www.codenomads.nl we completed the final step of our journey. So let's celebrate and look back!

From 2017 till now

In December 2017 I decided to quit my job and I founded Code Nomads. Back in the day, it was just me, my laptop, my iPhone and a business idea to build the perfect company for software developers. My ambition was to build a small IT consultancy company with a group of outstanding software developers from all around the globe, right here in Amsterdam. The core values from 2017 are still the same as they are today: Code Nomads is all about people, technical knowledge, learning, sharing and having fun. In 2017 I didn't dare to imagine that 18 senior software developers would follow me in this dream. They all left their home country, family and friends to build up a new life in the Netherlands while working at Code Nomads. It is so courageous of them and what a pressure on my shoulders. Their trust can't be neglected and must be put to good use. During the last 3 years, we grew our group of experts, we worked for various leading IT companies in e-commerce, fin-tech and the medical domain and organized many cool team activities and knowledge-sharing events.

It's all about people

In our new story it's all about people! We have a unique group of world-class developers who deserved their place in the spotlight. The Code Nomads developers make a daily impact on our client's projects, host thought-leading training workshops, and share their knowledge with the developer community. To reflect that impact, we've worked on the branding of Code Nomads by upgrading everything we have.

A new website

Our developers in the spotlight: that's literally what the main image of the home page and the rest of our new website reflect. With personal bio's from all developers, an extensive list of training offerings on multiple topics and a technical blog, we are proud to show who we are and what we do. And this is just the start of it! In the upcoming months, we'll have a rolling thunder of new blog posts, training workshops, client cases and team activities. So keep checking out our new website and let us know what you think.

A Nomadic gathering room

And this new story that we are telling needs to be reflected in our working space as well. We left Amsterdam Noord for an office in Europe's biggest startup ecosystem: B Amsterdam. In this building, we created our own gathering space with a nomadic look and feel. It's designed to share ideas, knowledge and drinks together. A lounge area with top-quality fairtrade coffee, a 5-meter long wooden table from refurbished wood leftovers, a full-wall print of actual Nomads in the desert, a big ass flat screen for presentations, a traditional Dutch "sjoelbak" and an orange fridge filled with local craft beers. This space is my personal dream of how an office should look like and feel. Oh, and there are workspaces as well ;) Our office doors are always open for a coffee, some lunch or drinks. So feel free to drop by anytime.

Increase visibility and recognizability for our clients

The client portfolio of Code Nomads keeps on growing and our partners appreciate us for our technical leadership, commitment and learning attitude. In order to create as much impact as possible, we provide them with tailor-made workshops, code audits and the best professionals for their innovative projects. Since there's no second try for a first impression, our clients should recognize and appreciate a Code Nomads developer from the first second. Therefore, we created a new slick CV design to highlight the experiences and skills that our professionals have. And of course, we wouldn't be software developers if we didn't build our own CV templating application ourselves :)

The next chapter

It makes me incredibly proud and humble at the same time that we completed the first step from startup to a profitable and professional company in just 3 years' time. But what will be the next chapter of Code Nomads? We are always on the lookout for new innovative projects, world-class developers and crazy business ideas. In the next chapter of the Code Nomads story, we'll share even more of our technical knowledge on many more client sides, conferences, workshops and internal team meetings. We'll keep making an impact with our skilled people in all kinds of ways. On our website, we'll share all the things we have learned, experienced and witnessed. One thing is for sure: Code Nomads will always be about the developers in the first, second and third place! Interested in how Code Nomads can help your organization or want to join the Code Nomads tribe as a developer? Please get in touch with me!

Ariel Altamirano

Senior Developer

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