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Team holiday in Spain!

From Amsterdam to Spain

In September 2019 the entire Code Nomads tribe was longing for a nice team holiday. So months ahead we scheduled a great trip to Casares in the southern part of Spain for 4 days of team building, BBQ-ing, sailing, swimming and discussing which cocktails is best :) We all managed to arrive in time in the really early morning to take the first flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Spain. Once arrived at Malaga Airport we collected some rental cars and drove along the beautiful beach route towards Casares. Halfway we stopped at a beach bar for a well-deserved Mediterranean lunch. Traveling makes hungry. The first Nomads went into the Medtirrean Sea for a quick dive and a proper refreshment.

The Villa

And then it was time to head into the mountains to find our villa, where we would eat, sleep and repeat for the upcoming 4 days. A small dirt road (that wasn't even on Google maps) led us across multiple mountain passes and all of a sudden we saw a big entrance gate. The landlord was waiting for us and let us in. We got outside of the car and were completely flabbergasted by the surroundings and the house itself! The most beautiful villa with marble floors, 12 bedrooms, a swimming pool, a BBQ place (for the Brazilians), outside terraces, palm trees, a sauna (for the Russians), a jacuzzi (for everyone)  and lounge areas where waiting for us. Awesome! After a great day of relaxing at the poolside with wodka-flavored (again the Russian crew) and the rum-flavored (the Brazilians) cocktails, we felt like gods :)

The Mediterranean Boat trip

And then we changed the land for the water. A full-day boat trip on a catamaran, accompanied by a power speed boat with fun floating discs and banana's on a leash. What a beautiful day with fresh fish, water sports, relaxing lounge music, and drinks on board. Pictures say more than 1,000 words, so check out some of our adventures below:  

Sightseeing, biking, hiking and relaxing

This sums it all up: we had 4 days of pure relaxing, hanging out, playing board and card games, bbq-ing, sightseeing and relaxing. What a blast we had.      

Ariel Altamirano

Senior Developer

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