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The Code Nomads Beach Hackathon – 2020 edition

At Code Nomads we love to learn about emerging technologies, hang out together, have a good time and play around with some nice hardware and software. So why not unite it in 1 day? This became the already legendary tradition of the Code Nomads Beach Hackathon!

The Beach Hackathon 2020

After months of lockdown in the CoVid-19 pandemic, everybody needed a break and to catch up with each other. On July 10, we finally met at the beautiful sandy beach of Zandvoort at Tent 6 Beach Bar. First, we needed some freshly brewed coffee to wake up and enjoy the scenery. Good to meet in person after all these Zoom video calls...

The hackathon projects

All the ingredients were available for a day full of hacking and learning. With had boxes filled with cool hardware. This was our shopping list: All Nomads split up in teams to work on their own hackathon projects. Amir worked on building his own drone flight software and Artem started developing on a project to detect human presence in a room with a Raspberry Pi and a temperature sensor. Gianfranco and James used to hackathon time to build a music synthesizer in Java. So in short: very cool stuff :)

The beach and BBQ

And of course: what is a beach hackathon without a beach? We swam in the sea, played soccer on the sand and practiced our beach ball skills. Enough of the active beach sports? We relaxed on the lounge seats with a cocktail, cold beer and a really nice BBQ. What more to wish for? It only was 1 day, but it felt like a holiday. If you organize an event 2 years in a row, you have a tradition. In the summer of 2021, we'll definitely go back to Zandvoor to have another great day at the beach!

Ariel Altamirano

Senior Developer

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