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Soroosh Khodami

The first months of Soroosh Khodami at Code Nomads

Meet Soroosh Khodami. He moved from Iran to The Netherlands in November 2021 to join the Code Nomads tribe. We asked him about his experiences after his first months.

What did you do for a living in your home country Iran?

“I was Technical Lead in a known telecom software provider, called Tecnotree. I established and managed a team to build a provisioning engine. It has been successfully delivered to a customer with 60 million customers and I’m really proud of what we did there.”

Why did you decide to move to the Netherlands?

“When I was in High school, I always had this dream to work in a company with different colleagues with different cultures. I still believe to this day that diversity is the fountain of creativity. As a software engineer, I was also looking for more opportunities and more technical challenges. The Dutch IT sector was showing attractive signals. So I decided to take on this journey with kind and talented Dutch people to make the world a better place together.”

How did you get in touch with Code Nomads?

“A recruiter sent a message to me via LinkedIn, introduced Code Nomads to me and told me that he likes this company personally, because of the atmosphere and their whole way of working. I talked to several Code Nomads tribe members before I joined Code Nomads. And they were also really cool and enthusiastic. And now that I am here, I know that the recruiter and the colleagues weren’t exaggerating! They were so right about Code Nomads.”

How was the relocation for you and was Code Nomads able to help you out?

“Code Nomads provided support for visa sponsorship and facilitated the whole process by providing comprehensive and correct guidance in each step. It took approximately 3 weeks from the offer to collecting the visa in the embassy.”

At which Code Nomads client do you currently work?

“I’m currently working with Bol.com, a company everyone in The Netherlands knows. I’m working in the Finance team as a Full-Stack Developer. I work mainly with Java, Spring Boot and React at Bol.com. I really like to work with this client. Many opportunities and technical challenges. Exactly what I was looking for.”

Do you like living in the Netherlands?

“Living in the Netherlands is in-cre-di-ble! People are so kind and hospitable. I couldn’t even imagine that before I came here. Dutch cities are very beautiful, very clean and you can always see a happy smile on people’s faces. That is what I was always looking for.”

What are the biggest differences between the Netherlands and Iran?

“You need to be more independent in The Netherlands and be able to do things yourself. In my country, you could find the best experts in less than an hour to fix things for you. But, in the Netherlands, the minimum waiting time for any technical help is one week. And when I bought a big mattress from IKEA, somebody told me to go and rent a van. But I didn’t know that the driver was not included. I haven’t seen this in my country before. Because in Iran, when we rent a van, it means that someone drives it for you and delivers your package.”

Any advice for developers who are considering joining the Code Nomads tribe?

“This team is really a world-class team. The standards are high. That means that you can experience working with the best people in the community and become one of them. You should be passionate and eager to play in Primer League.”