Code Generation: the Nuclear power of programming

I’ve been a Software Engineer working on java projects for almost 15 years, and on a good portion of this time, we have used code generators to some extent in our projects. Today, I want to share my most recent observations as a result of using OpenAPI generators on our current project. If you have […]

Get Shit Done – 15 practical tips to be more productive as a developer

Introduction With the rapid development of technology and communication methods, our lives became more chaotic, demanding and hectic than ever before. There’s always an urgent thing that needs your attention. Thanks to Whatsapp, Slack and smartphones we are all reachable and online 24/7. So how to relax, keep focus and don’t be overwhelmed by this? […]

Power to the Mob: one team, one computer, one codebase

Introduction into mob programming I remember a time, when at every code review, I was screaming inside and dying bit by bit at every line of code. Another piece of code that has no structure and no consistency; another layer is leaking into another one—the nth solution for the same problem inside one application. Put […]

When Flow Split – an introduction to concurrent programming

Concurrent programming & Kotlin A computer program is a nicely ordered flow of instructions, executed one after the other from start to finish… Except when it is not. We often wish to split this flow. Let’s see why and when to do it. SO, WHAT’S CONCURRENT PROGRAMMING? The traditional way of writing programs is to […]

SoC, Spring Boot and Microservices

Introduction An overview on SoC principals for 3-tier web applications and microservices. The article will also show how SoC is a natural way of thinking in building systems with microservices. SoC (Separation Of Concerns) is an important design and architectural principle: every element of a software application — a component, a layer, a package, a class, […]