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Microservices with Spring Boot – Essentials

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About the training

This is a course focused on designing and building microservices with the Spring Boot framework. Spring Boot is an opinionated microservice framework aimed at Java/Kotlin developers. It helps to remove much of the boilerplate and configuration that characterizes Spring, improving developer experience and making development faster.

During this course, you will learn the basics of Spring, principles of building and testing REST services with Spring Boot, as well as recommended architectural approaches for designing your application.

Learning goals

  1. Spring basics
    1. Dependency inversion/injection
    2. Spring application architecture
  2. Spring Boot REST API
    1. Request handling
    2. Error handling
  3. Spring Boot testing

Target audience

This training is suitable for developers, who intend to start using Spring Boot framework to design and build microservices for various environments.


Workshops can be hosted in our office in Amsterdam, Utrecht, on-site at a client location or remote. The content of the workshops can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Regular pricing: EUR 595 per attendee for an 8-hour workshop. Please contact us for the pricing of multiday workshops.

Gianfranco Cautiero

Senior Software Developer

Artem Makarov

Senior Software Developer