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Microservices Architecture Design Patterns

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The Training

Microservices architecture nowadays is a synonym of flexible and competitive software. In this training, you will learn everything about the most widely used design patterns and practices that will help implement a successful microservices architecture. In the second part of this training, you will learn about how to reap the benefits of an architecture and how to apply this approach for your organization using the latest techniques, such as Domain Driven Design, Event Storming, distributed transactions and more.

By the end of this training, you are able to identify, understand and apply the majority of the modern architecture design patterns for microservices, like the domain-centric approach,  asynchronous microservices, centralized logging, versioning and more.

Topics covered

  • Scope Microservices Using Bounded Contexts
  • Architect Asynchronous Microservices
  • Architect API-based Microservices
  • Achieve Data Consistency Across Microservices
  • Centralize Access to Microservices Using an API Gateway
  • Split Monolithic Databases Across Microservices
  • Make Microservices More Resilient and Backwards Compatible
  • Define and Document Microservice Contracts
  • Implement Microservices Centralized Logging
  • Provide Reporting From Distributed Microservices Data
  • Approach Cloud-Based Microservices Infrastructure
  • Manage Microservices Configuration, Registration and Discovery
  • Monitor Microservices

About the trainer

Pedro Mattiollo is an experienced senior software developer and technical architect. He worked on multiple projects in various domains (retail, healthcare, payments) in different company sizes. Hereby he got experience in developing and designing complex microservices environments, that are ready for the future in terms of security, scalability and maintainability. Pedro deeply cares about implementing proven web security environments on his projects and is recognized as an expert on this topic. In this training, he will share his learnings, experiences and practical use cases.

Practical details

Standard pricing for this: EUR 395 ex VAT for a 4-hour workshop per attendee and EUR 695 ex VAT per attendee for an 8-hour workshop.

Workshops can be hosted in our office in Amsterdam or Utrecht, on-site at a client location or remote. The content of the workshops can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for the pricing of multiday workshops. Fill in the registration form below to register yourself for this training.

Pedro Mattiollo

Senior Full Stack Developer / Architect

Training data

  • March 16 2023
  • May 11 2023
  • October 10 2023

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