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Data Modeling & SQL – Fundamentals

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About the training

This course focuses on the fundamentals of SQL (Structured Query Language) and data model design. Through detailed theory and practical exercises, students will learn the theory of modern databases, the fundamentals of working with SQL as well as efficient data model design and maintenance.

Target audience

This training is suitable for developers who intend to start working with databases-backed applications.

Learning goals

  • SQL basics: querying and manipulating data
  • Data modeling: designing database tables and relations
  • Fundamentals of modern databases


Workshops can be hosted in our office in Amsterdam, Utrecht, on-site at a client location or remote. The content of the workshops can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Regular pricing: EUR 350 for a 4-hour workshop per attendee and EUR 595 per attendee for an 8-hour workshop. Please contact us for the pricing of multiday workshops.

Soroosh Khodami

Fullstack Software Developer

Training data

  • October 13 2022

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