Senior Java Developer

Ramon Wieleman

Senior Java Developer

You are a Senior Java developer that is driven by ambition. Always curious and wanting to learn all the time. During your day job as a consultant at one of our clients, but also at conferences, trainings and basically whenever you can. You are experienced in the Java ecosystem and see software development as a craft that is never perfected. You like to work with others who feel that way too. We founded Code Nomads for you!

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About Code Nomads

Code Nomads is a Java consultancy company in Amsterdam of international developers, working on the most innovative and challenging projects. We are driven software engineers with a passion for technology. We bring together the best developers from all around the world. We love what we do and we practice what we preach. We’re actively participating in meetup groups and developer communities in the Netherlands, because we believe in lifelong learning. To keep up with all rapid changes in software development, we challenge ourselves to learn something new every day. We believe that you need to love your work and work on the projects you love. We share our passion for Java technology with each other, we work on the most challenging and innovative projects, we never stop learning and we go on many fun social activities together.


Is the description above in line with your interests, ambitions and experience? Come and join the Code Nomads tribe now! You can contact Ramon Wieleman (founder of Code Nomads) if you’re interested in this position at or call him at +31-6-33899966