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Hello, we are Code Nomads

Founders’ letter by Ramon Wieleman

I’ve been engaged with the Java community for some years now. The passion, creativity and culture appealed to me from the start. I really like people who share knowledge, make great software and truly enjoy what they are doing. I watched and learned what works best in Java software companies and how software developers should work together. Now I think I know what the ideal company for a Java developer must look like. 

Hello, nice to meet you. We are Code Nomads: world class Java developers. Code Nomads is the best possible place to work as an international Java developer in the Netherlands. It’s all about fun, craftsmanship and cool projects. We don’t settle for less. Sounds too good to be true? It’s what Code Nomads is striving for, and I’ll tell you how.

Passion for software technology

First of all, it’s about passion for software technology. If you really love what you do, you will excel in it. At Code Nomads you can work together with the best developers from all around the world. We’re all passionate about discovering and experimenting with new technology, while thinking of how to implement it in a meaningful way to future projects.

Not only do we work with innovative software at challenging projects, but we also discover emerging technologies with the team during our Google Days (R&D days), Guru Days (trainings from true software guru’s) and while visiting conferences. Thanks to our personal educational budget, we develop the best software and we develop ourselves.

Personal touch

Secondly, we believe in small companies with a personal approach. We don’t have all kinds of managers, we don’t have smooth-talking recruiters and we don’t spend our money on expensive marketing campaigns. We are efficient with low costs. We like to view Code Nomads as a group of like-minded friends with the same passion for software technology. Our developers help and inspire each other and have great fun during one of our many social activities.

Quality first

Thirdly, we prefer to choose topnotch quality over rapid growth. We only work with the most passionate and experienced people, who are eager to learn. At Code Nomads it’s all about quality and craftsmanship: we practice what we preach, and we preach what we practice. We share our knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship with the community during meetups and conferences. Can you think of a better way to promote your company?

Nice to meet you

These core values support our tagline world class Java developers. By continuously improving our skills, sharing our knowledge and implementing this into our projects, we guarantee successful results. And all that with a big smile on our faces! Nice to meet you, we are Code Nomads.

Let’s get in touch

I would love to meet you for a cup of coffee and show you our brand new office in Pand Noord, (Amsterdam) to tell you more about our team. We are available for projects soon.

Ramon Wieleman
Founder of Code Nomads


Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the brand new website of Code Nomads! You may have found this website for very various reasons. Maybe your just curious about this brand new company, maybe you’re looking to hire the best Java developers, or maybe you’re looking for a cool job as a Java developer in Amsterdam. Whatever your reason is: you’ve come to the right place!

We created this website to give you a good overview of who we are, what we do and what thrives us. Please check out all the updates at our website, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and make sure to subscribe to our Meetup page.

Who we are

Hi, nice to meet you! We are Code Nomads, a Java consultancy company in Amsterdam for international developers. We are driven software engineers with a passion for technology. We love what we do and we practice what we preach.

We’re actively participating in meetup groups and various developer communities and user groups, because we believe in lifelong learning, sharing knowledge and meeting inspiring people. To keep up with all rapid changes in software development, we challenge ourselves to learn something new every day.

What we do

We believe in a quality-first approach by building maintainable and testable systems using modern and innovative software. We know that non-functional aspects like maintainability, security, performance and automation are just as important as building new features.

We are Java experts and that’s why we focus on one thing only: Java software development. We focus not only on building the right thing, but also on building the thing right.

What thrives us

We are in software development since our parents allowed us to touch their computers. We were there from the beginning and technology made a big impact on our lives. We believe that you need to love your work and work on the projects you love. We share our passion for Java technology with each other, we work on the most challenging and innovative projects, we never stop learning and we go on many fun social activities together.

We love feedback

Got some feedback on our website or want to reach out? Please contact us at